New Trends in Online Solar Training

There are an increasing number of people getting trained in solar technologies – thanks to the large number of home and office builders looking to use solar power in greater quantities when they create the buildings. Earlier, any electrician who had a basic idea of how a solar panel and a cell were mounted could get the job done as the government did not have a mandate for people getting certified.

In the modern times, however, there have been assignments of increasing complexities, and for that, there is a need for trained professionals. Training people in solar technologies would actually have been a challenge if not for the internet.

All those busy professionals finding time and getting together to learn new concepts would not have been possible. But with Online Solar Training, that challenge is eliminated, as anyone with access to internet can go through the modules and get certified by appearing in a test at the end of the training hours.

The need for training in solar technologies has been stressed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a report they published in the year 2003. They specifically said that the training should cover

  • Characteristics, Design, and Performance of Photo Voltaic cells so that their use can be ascertained scientifically with regard to the demand by the construction
  • Wiring Methods and Mounting Technology
  • Calculation and Evaluation of System Characteristics – including aspects of the different components being used in the solar panels
  • An on-site evaluation of the place of installation – including the effects of various obstructions and so on, and
  • Educating the customer on the technology so that he appreciates it better; and also will be able to maintain it properly.

When you register for an Online Solar Training course, see whether these aspects are covered by the content provider. That’ll make your decision easy.