Tap Into Your Local Market with Solar Systems

Solar training is your key to the ever-growing solar power industry. The solar industry is on the rise thanks to subsidies that make solar projects less expensive and quicker to complete. And with massive corporate entities adopting solar power in some of their commercial facilities, such as the IKEA store in Charlotte, NC, the need for trained solar PV installer is ever-present. As more solar projects are financed at the local, state, and federal levels, more funding becomes available to solar professionals who are eager to take on work. You can become a solar certified PV installer when you complete a 58-hour training course, which covers topics such as solar cell design, installation, sales, solar economics, and much more.

Before you sign up for a solar cell training course or solar systems training course, you will want to verify that the course curriculum satisfies the Solar Training training requirement for the solar PV installer exam. Solar Training, which administers the solar cell PV installer exam, recently increased the requisite number of training hours to 58 hours, meaning your solar certification could very well be out of date if you took a solar course a few years ago or even last year. The best way to make sure that your course will enable you to take the solar PV installer exam is to double-check with the training provider and with Solar Training.

The solar industry welcomes professionals from all fields, not just experience building professionals. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, then you are a great fit for solar systems training. You can take a solar course and learn everything you need to establish your own solar panel installation business. If you live in an area where solar systems are becoming popular, then you should obtain your solar PV installer certification as soon as possible to tap into your local market.